Smoking Hot in black and white


I have some fantasies, and you can be the slave to help Me fulfill them…


You have committed a grave crime. You couldn’t help yourself, I know. Men are disgusting creatures. But I want a confession from you. I need it. I lean in, my perfect, full red lips so close to your face that you can feel me breathe on your cheek. I take a drag of my cigarette and exhale it right into your face. It’s unnerving.


I exhale into your face over and over again. My lips push to gently into the butt of my cigarette. It’s so incredibly sexy that you can’t take it anymore. You give in, give me all the information I want. You’re defenseless.


Or maybe you’re not even capable of committing a crime. Not even smart enough to put yourself to poor use. You’re just a receptacle, a pathetic ash tray for Me to use. I bring you into Dungeon West and gag you with my “how may I serve you?” gag and attach an ashtray to the end of it…


You’re transformed. My ash tray. Useless for any other reason than to tremble on your knees as I use you.


God, you’re boring Me! I’m starting to feel more sadistic. I drag you up off the floor and cuff you to the St. Andrews’ cross. Even more helpless now, I start to drag the burning cherry of my cigarette over your chest, linger at your nipples, watch you begin to sweat as I laugh at the fear that washes across your face.


When I’m done with you, I throw your ass in the shower and finish My smoke. I want you to leave to dungeon without a trace of evidence on you. No one is allowed to smell Me on you after I’m done with you. The memory of my beautiful mouth smoking only haunts your fantasies, keeping you hard for Me long after I’ve dismissed you from My presence.

I ONLY smoke for pleasure, torment, and tease, as I am a Goddess much stronger than any mortal addiction. If you share a smoking fetish with Me, I want to explore with you. Be my ashtray or my red-hot pain slut – I know you’re ready.