Five years of reviews. Screen your Domina – session with someone who has the balance of skill and experience.

First Timer, July 2017
Dear Mistress Natalie,

I apologize for long email, and for wasting Your time.

This is S, the pathetic desperate slave, whom You kindly allowed to worship You today. I cannot put it into words how thankful and appreciative I am for what You did to me. You totally took me to another world, and left me there, and I am still there just needing more and more of that. As strange as it might sound, and apart from me being super anxious and nervous, I don’t believe that I should ever get sexually satisfied when serving You. I am genuinely merely there, for Your absolute pleasure, and I hope I can at least bring a little smile to Your heavenly beautiful face. You just taught me what it means to serve my Goddess, and I hope as a first-timer I wasn’t a total turnoff. I am looking forward to serve You on a regular basis if You would allow me to. I will never be even thinking to try any other Mistresses. You are the Mistress of all Mistresses for me, and I am sure for everybody who has been lucky enough to serve You.

I apologize again for I didn’t even think I’d be begging for You to corporally torture me. But honestly, as soon as I saw You, I realized You are way beyond what I could imagine, and that I thought I’d love to be crushed and humiliated by Mistress Natalie.

In the end, I was wondering if You would allow me to get you a gift. I am totally sorry and apologetic for my short budget. But I am honestly going to just save as much money as I can, so I can afford You and whatever You want me to prove my loyalty and my servitude. I am very desperate to be accepted as Your real slave.

I am not sure if You received my texts. It’s just weird. I didn’t receive anything from You, but I am not sure if it is again my reception out of service or You just didn’t give a damn about me. I hope the second is true. But I will drive to LA again, whenever You want me to serve You.

Your stupid slave,

February 2017

totally fucking loved our previous session.

As You know, i adore fit, dominant, toned woman. i go weak at the thought of being tied up tight by You, hardly being able to move with my hands,legs and thighs bound tight by leather, and seeing You perfect arse and body right in front of me but out of reach. The frustration turns me on so much. i fantasise about your locking me in chastity, and then wearing the key around your ankle – so that when I was locked in a cage, i would see it tantalisingly in front of me…. Love the whole idea of You loving and freely enjoying sex, and me being deprived of it by Your will.

A treasured slave – November 2016

After an unbearably long time between sessions, i was finally able to submit to Mistress Natalie again. Heading in to Dungeon West, i found myself filled with a level of anxiety that i hadn’t anticipated — would the time between sessions cloud O/ur connection, would W/e need to relearn one another?

It was wasted energy.

As always, Mistress was in complete command of me, of O/ur energy, and again quickly created for me a cocoon of trust to fall into and follow Her wherever She wanted to lead.

Anyone considering a session with Mistress Natalie should do themselves the great favor of reaching out to Her and begin the journey with a dialogue. Because while Her skills are beyond reproach, what truly sets Mistress Natalie apart is not just Her great intuition but the depth of Her empathy, a quality not discussed often enough in the context of BDSM play but a crucial ingredient in having a profound and enjoyable experience.

She will push you. She will hurt you. But She will never abandon the “you” in the session. When the feral glee in Her eyes ignites, it will frighten but it will never concern and, at the end of the journey, You will wonder why it took so long to make that very first step.

– slave t

Couples Review – June 2016

My wife and I met in high school and have been happily married for nearly 20 years. We have had an eclectic sex life from mild to kinky in the bedroom. I broached the idea of having her dominate me with a pro domme. When my wife agreed I did my research and reviewed dozens of mistresses until I came across Mistress Natalie West’s site. In reviewing her profile I felt she would be a perfect match for what we wished to explore. After some correspondence back and forth I got on a call with Mistress Natalie to discuss our fantasy, what we’d like to explore and limits. In speaking with her, not only did I realize that she was the perfect fit for us, but she was also someone I felt comfortable with and could trust to share with my wife. My biggest fear was to finally do this and have such a terrible experience that it would turn my wife off completely…but…

Mistress Natalie was intelligent, eloquent and sensitive to what I was trying to convey, even though I probably could have done a better job. Mistress Natalie requested for me to set up a call directly with my wife so they could get to know each other and explore her desires and limits first hand. We scheduled a 2 hours session for a couple of weeks after that call. On our way to Dungeon West, my wife was bit nervous. Mistress Natalie greeted us in a leather corset and tight black pants. She looked more stunning than on her website. Immediately all the apprehension went away and everything felt natural and familiar. They both sat and had a glass of wine to discuss the session as I was sent off to get ready. What ensued was the most amazing two hours of my life. Mistress Natalie took control of the session and my wife had an amazing time. She was smiling and laughing through out. Mistress Natalie introduced her to new toys and techniques and we explored several new fetishes.

The effects of our session have lasted far beyond the two hours we spent together. They have enhanced our sex life and made us more comfortable to discuss our inner most sexual secrets and desires without any apprehension or shame. We have not only expanded our horizons in our own private play at home, we have also had several other sessions with Mistress Natalie which involved fantasies we would not otherwise been able to fulfilled. She has become a part of our intimate life that is always helping us test and expand our limits. And now after 20 years of marriage we are enjoying the best sex life, in large part thanks to Mistress Natalie West.

Small note, big experiences – Review January 2016

Mistress Natalie,

Thank you for another complex, complete experience. I am grateful you are willing to invest so much thought, time and effort, to make submitting to you such an extraordinary experience. I look forward to continuing to strive to please you.


“an expert, a pervert, a sadist, a seductress”: New Review October 2015

Mistress Natalie,

This reply is overdue, perhaps, but I am glad to have let some time go by since we met. As the number of sessions I have experienced inevitably blurs as the years go by, it’s interesting to see which ones fade with time, and which ones continue to glow. I want to make sure you know that yours certainly glows. The way you arranged and carried out our session was one of the finest BDSM experiences I have ever had, and I have had, probably, more than my fair share.

As I believe I mentioned in my introduction, it has become increasingly difficult for me in session with pro dommes to find the balance between feeling genuinely dominated and temporarily powerless, while still knowing I will experience the toys, tools and sensations that drove me there in the first place. It is a terrible, empty feeling to submit to a pro domme, as completely and earnestly as possible, only to feel (due to the nature of the provider-client relationship) like she is serving you.

You seemed to easily find the place between. Even though I knew I could count on experiencing many of the things I need (bondage, gags, suffering), you managed to create a mood and tension that kept me on edge and out of sorts from the moment I arrived – and that powerlessness and uncertainty is what’s so elusive in so many “typical” sessions. From the moment you hooded me at the door, I knew you had put real thought and planning into how I would experience your control, and I loved feeling so victimized, so quickly.

Also, I am aware that it might be difficult to maintain momentum when there is no “dialogue” with a gagged sub. I appreciate your ability to speak even when I couldn’t really reply. I have never been good at call-and-response (probably part of why I crave gags, now that I think about it) and yet I know many dommes feed off of that energy. Thank you for being willing to have such a long, one-sided conversation.

If I had a regret, it would be that I didn’t continue for the whole night. Stopping when I did was the right decision because while I am reasonably sure I could have endured what else you had planned, I would have been in bad shape the following day. I am glad I sensed that enough was enough. At one point early on you had said that there wouldn’t be a single moment all night that I was free, and I really loved the sound of that.

I liked how you insisted that I suffer, and when it got challenging, you didn’t relent one bit, but rather, you guided me thorough it like the expert sadist you are. I liked that you honored my general requests, without “following a script” and I liked the sense that you felt both appreciation and contempt for my eagerness to submit.
While I do not get to Los Angeles as often as I used to, I would very much like to see you again the next time I pass through. I’m not sure what is useful to you in terms of a formal review, so let me say just this:

“Mistress Natalie West is one of the finest and most exquisite dominas you will ever encounter. She is, first and foremost, a completely capable and respectful professional. Just beyond that, she is an expert, a pervert, a sadist, a seductress. She is smart, witty, intense, severe, and sensationally dedicated to her craft. If you are in search of a deep and serious pro domme experience that will leave you dazed, delighted and, just maybe, a little bit changed forever, do not hesitate, and do not overthink it. Contact Mistress Natalie and tell her what’s on your mind. She will take it from there.”
– M.C.

A beautiful ‘thank you’ – February 2015

Dear Mistress Natalie,

Now that my subspace haze has lifted, i just wanted to thank You one last time for the introductory session.

Aside from my submission to my Wife, i honestly felt truest in my submission with You — the ONLY things in play were my pain and Your pleasure and it was an honor to suffer for You (though i do appreciate You taking it easy on me first-time out, the beautiful bruises on my cock not-withstanding

i had hoped to find a Domme to serve/session with regularly and i hope You will allow me to continue in that capacity with You.

Lastly – Your fingers should be molded and sold at the Stockroom because i think i would rather have the clovers on my nipples than them

Be well and know that i long/fear to submit to You again.


January 2015 – My Dog, My Slut, My Bitch

When I close my eyes, I can taste Your shoes.
I can’t wait to see you again!

Everything you did to me last time was memorable. Latex-gloved, Finger sucking face-slapping bad-ass Domina. I can’t say I enjoyed when you made me lick the floor, but I know you had your reasons.

I enjoyed Your style and improvisations (choking me while forcing me to cum! Making me hold Your high heel in my mouth “don’t you dare let it fucking fall slave!”… slap!).
I enjoyed pleasing You with the job I did kissing Your ass and groveling at Your amazing heels.
You have such a commanding no-bullshit presence that gets me on my knees from the moment I enter. It’s beyond me. Uncontrollable. Involuntary yet feels so right.
I enjoyed the forced-deep-throat-foot sucking in the end.
I loved having Your stockings shoved into my mouth when I’m being forced to inhale the soles of Your high heels.
I loved you slapping me in the face the moment I walked in.
I loved you forcing me to the floor and keep me down by stepping on the back of my neck. Ah!

Your words and the way you degrade can spit venom but venom never tasted so tasty.
Can I swallow Your spit Mistress Natalie?

Anyway, You put me in a trance that I’m not used to. I would have done anything You instructed!… it’s a good thing I’m in good hands Mistress Natalie. I trust You with my life. I can only hope You enjoy training me. I honestly thought another face slap was coming my way most of the time You looked down at me.
And finally, I will never forget what You did for me. If I could, I’d pay a massive tribute each and every time I found myself in Your presence.
I am Your dog. I am Your slut. I am Your bitch. Thank You for everything You give me Mistress Natalie.
slave b

November 2014: “A Kinky Soulmate”

Ms. Natalie West,

Since we first played, my thoughts and desires have been racing.

I know it was only one session but I felt I’ve now found a kinky soulmate.

You are Superior and imaginative. You are worthy of everyone’s adoration and respect.

I am grateful for the opportunity to lay my vulnerabilities before you to do as you wish.

I have thinking of all the hot scenes and play that we have in store all due to your beauty, skill and intellect.

Humbly Yours,


November 2014: “Mistress may I?”

Thank You again for the session today Mistress Natalie. I can only hope I served You well.
You are an awesome human being and such a Goddess! I have never heard anyone dirty talk as well as you. I was going crazy the whole time. I will be hearing your words in my dreams for years to come.


slave b

The next day, since I instructed him to ask my permission before jerking off to my photographs at home:

Good morning Mistress Natalie,

Well it has already happened… I am obsessing over a new favorite picture of You and am ogling over constantly. Do I have Your permission to touch myself today Goddess?


slave b

Wondering if I gave My permission for his stroking? Become one of my devotees yourself and find out…

Review from New Sissy Slut! – September 2014

Dear Mistress Natalie West,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you at Dungeon West this week. The setting and atmosphere is completely out of this world and extraordinary. The main reason that attracted me to You Mistress Natalie was sincere in Feminization and sissy training. I have followed your blog and updates regularly and I deeply enjoy reading all of Your entries. When it comes to these areas of interest, there is nobody that even comes close to matching You. It is evident that You have a understanding and passion when it comes to Domination and sissy training. From the moment I walked in, I knew this would be a memorable session to cherish forever. I have never been emasculated and treated like such a naughty little slut that I can recall. From the spanking bench to the bondage bed, there was no escaping Your grips. The sensation of being transformed into Your slut play doll made me feel complete on so many levels. Your razor personality, combined with your stunning beauty makes for a very interesting predicament. Serving You was truly an amazing experience that I will never forget. I look forward to serving You soon and returning to Dungeon West.


You feeling emasculated too? HAHA!! Call Me to see what all the fuss is about. – Mistress Natalie

Overnight Double in NOLA – June 2014

Dear Mistress Justine and Mistress Natalie,

i still can’t stop thinking about last night and how great it was being at Your divine feet and serving You Both while being under Your complete control all night long. It was truly the greatest night and best experience of my life. i don’t think anything will ever top it, unless You grant me that honor to serve You once again, which of course i do not deserve. i can now die happy as this bucket list item of being the slave and plaything to a beautiful lesbian couple has come true. i never thought it would ever happen let alone with the two most beautiful women in the world, but it did. You truly are the best Dommes, the best at what You do,in the world not just in LA(whether it be Los Angeles or Louisiana).

From the moment i walked into the room to meet You Both i was practically paralyzed and rendered speechless as i lay sight of Your angelic beauty in total awe. The sight before me of two Goddess who looked even better than i could have possibly ever imagined and even better than Their pictures was enough to make any man fall to his knees in worship. As i fell to my knees You collared me thus making me Your property. It was the greatest feeling in the world knowing that i was Yours to do with as You pleased. As You proceeded to mark me and emphasize what a true sissy i am i couldn’t help but agree and have a sense of belonging. Throughout the night You constantly kept me in my place and reminded me of my servitude to You by torturing my nipples, beating and slapping me, and busting my pathetic balls You then tied me to the bed to tease and torment me all the more as You tied up my cock and balls, preventing me from even the slightest bit of arousal, while You used Your hitachi wand on me. i wanted nothing more than to feel the sweet sensation of release, but You were only just getting started. You had ordered me not to have any pleasure or release of my own in the week leading up to my visit with You. You also had me read Your websites and look at Your pictures to keep me in a constant state arousal as well. As difficult as it was i followed Your orders to prove myself to be a good slave for You. Leaving my pathetic male parts all tied up You then decided it was time for U/us to go out to dinner. i felt like the envy of all who saw U/us as W/we went out in public seeing as i was with two most beautiful women every place we went. You kept me in my place at dinner as You reminded me that i should dine under the table in Your presence, told me what i could and could not order, and ignored me as You enjoyed each Other’s company. This was a constant reminder to me that two is company and three truly is a crowd as i was merely taking up space in Your presence at the dinner table. i am so appreciative that You allowed me to share and treat You to a meal, and i thank You for it.

Returning to the room You both decided that the bathroom was in need of cleaning and i would be the slave for the job. As You Both relaxed and enjoyed champagne after dinner i was on my hands and knees licking and cleaning the bathtub, then the toilet, so that they would be spotless for Your use of them later. i also cleaned the bathroom floor with my tongue as per Your commands once You had groomed me and shaved me to be a more presentable slave for You. As i proceeded to lick up every hair on the floor and every one from the tub and toilet, as well as any other grime or filth on them, i couldn’t help but once again feel that this was exactly where i belonged. i was constantly reminded to whom i belonged as well. As the champagne continued to flow You made it evident that i would only be drinking Your own personal cocktails after the champagne had run its course. True to Your word i would consume many glasses full of Your sweet and precious nectar, my Goddesses, throughout the night. It tasted so good i would drink it every day if You allowed it and made me Your toilet for good. At one point You even had me consume my own liquid waste to further my humiliation at Your hands. After the bathroom was clean and up to Your standards You attached the leash to my collar and dragged me back out into the room. You then ordered me up on my knees and had me beg to suck cock like the little sissy bitch i am. You proceeded to make out, showing Your affection for each other, while i was made to suck on a number of dildos and sex toys. Any time i gagged on them, You made me crawl to the toilet on all fours to take a drink from it like the bitch i am. i can only imagine that this was out of pure generosity on Your parts so I could clean out my mouth and keep the cocks clean. i couldn’t help but smile excitedly and feel so good, knowing that i was Your bitch.

After a long time of sucking cock and drinking from the toilet would come my favorite part of the evening. It is almost impossible to pick a favorite moment, but this really stands out as a time when all of my fantasies came true. You had me crawl up on the bed on my hands and knees, tying me down in the doggie position with my ass straight up in the air exposed for whatever You wished to do with it. It was so amazing and incredible being Your dirty little sissy slut in between the two of You as You took turns filling me up with Your cocks making me beg for more as the Other would be in front of me tightly pulling on my leash keeping me balanced and reminding me of my place. As You did this You also had me stare straight into Your eyes and look on upon perfection personified. As i gazed upon Your Divine perfection i could see You looking back at me. In those moments i could sense Your eyes piercing my very soul and reading my thoughts and inner desires perfectly. Another of my favorite parts of the evening were the many times when You would come in as close as You possibly could, right up into my face, and remind me that i was Yours, as well as how pathetic i am. You especially did this, much to my total delight and debasement while shoving cock up my sissy hole repeatedly. Many of those times i actually thought You may be allowing me the opportunity to kiss You, but i had to snap out of it and remember that i was nothing more than a slave for Your amusement. This happened many times throughout the evening, but the only thing i would kiss would be Your feet of course, which i was more than happy to do.
Following the fucking of a lifetime You Both came around and smothered me with Your feet and had me worship them. Your perfect feet felt so good in my mouth as i licked and sucked on them as You kicked me and continued to shove Your bare feet in my face while a dildo was shoved up my sissy ass tied firmly in place. Once You tired of me worshiping Your feet. You had me reposition myself to where i was sitting on the bed tied down while Your hitachi was forcing the dildo within me to vibrate, so You could keep Your attention on each Other. It was so frustrating, but such an amazing sight being so near You as You played with each other, kissing and groping one Another, Your beautiful bodies right in front of me, but just out of reach. i continued to grind up and down on the hitachi, much to Your delight, causing the dildo to further stimulate me, but with my cock and balls still tied up there was no way i could get hard. Once You thought i had had enough You kept on going. After what seemed like an eternity, You finally relented as You tied me down to the bed spread eagle after asking how turned on and ready to cum i was on a scale of 1 to 10. It was so much higher than ten by that point that i had to be honest and say as much as a hundred as i was now panting for sweet release, hoping it would be given to me. You put the hitachi up against the dildo, still up my ass, and proceeded to make out with each Other on top of me. You were so kind, generous, gracious, and benevolent enough to free one of my hands and allow me to touch myself as my cock and balls were then untied. Once i was ready to cum, which didn’t take long, i had to ask permission from both of You to have the release i know i didn’t deserve, but needed so badly. You counted me down slowly from ten, and as my cum shot out from me You gathered it in Your hands and rubbed it all over my lips to give me a shiny coat of lip gloss while feeding it to me as well. The night was far from over from there as You kept me tied to the bed all night long as i was mere feet away from You. You slept together in a warm embrace while i was spread eagled and blindfolded all night long. The next morning You were generous enough to allow me to relieve my bladder once again. Still weary and recovering from the previous night’s activities i forgot to put the seat down. i am so sorry for that grievous offense Mistresses and will serve my punishment of sitting down to urinate for the next week, or as long as you wish, as You have commanded without complaint.

Your chemistry with each other is undeniable, and You seem to even be able to read each other’s minds as You were always in sync throughout O/our time together. You seemed to also be able to read me very well also and know exactly what i was thinking as well even without looking into my eyes. Your beauty is matched only by Your intelligence and creativity as You showed so many ways to tease me and keep in my place as well as on edge throughout the night. There is no greater experience in this world than to be the plaything of two beautiful women such as Yourselves and You proved that You are the best. i can never thank You enough for making Your slut and Your slave, but will do everything i can think of, so Thank You so very much Mistresses Justine and Natalie!!!. i did honestly come in nervous not fully knowing what to expect, but You put me at ease and made a truly unforgettable experience that will be replayed in my mind, probably continuously, for years to come.

“Not the ordinary prodomme experience” – March 2014

Brooklyn Devotional – March 2014

Constant thoughts of Her haunting dominance, and my deep and seemingly endless submission. This is what a session with Mistress Natalie West has done for me. This was not the ordinary prodomme experience. I left her with a feeling of total submission that every sub craves, and a feeling that only deepened more and more after leaving her presence. That she is beautiful you can see from her photos, but I don’t feel her photos do her justice, neither for her face (which she obscures for her privacy) nor her beautiful to die for Goddess body, and that she is smart and intense you can see from her writings, and her interests you can figure out from her web site. But what you cannot know without being with her is her natural power that so naturally commands full obedience and that will drive you into a submission you have only imagined.You will feel her touch long after you leave her presence by constantly feeling your nipples and all the other places on your body that she inflicted what she feels like inflicting ,and lets not forget that you will feel the taste of her flowing thru your body and veins always thinking that your Mistress is within your being, don’t forget it’s hers to play with and to torture to a submissive high. People fantasize and dream of subspace. I was there. The blissful calm of floating away from my body and only existing for you… You will feel her collar around your neck and the pull of her leash long, long after you have left her presence. You will only want to be there again below her. It is a very unique experience in domination and deep submission.

brooklyn slave

Falling deeper and deeper – February 2014

Dear Mistress Natalie,

I was so excited to see that you deemed me worthy of an email response. Thank you so much for your words and for your invitation to fall deeper into submission to you. I read your twitter about your new slave falling at your feet. Perfect description of what I felt. I literally had no choice but to fall at your feet. I must say that you really inspired my submissive nature in a way that has not been touched in a very long time. For that I am grateful. I could feel you feeding off of my surrender and that in turn led me to go deeper. And that was, I hope, just the beginning.

You were divine and I was dying for more. I will mentally prepare to be pushed and will aspire to accept whatever generosity you choose to bestow upon me.

You have been in the front of my thoughts since I left you and can’t wait until our next session.

You are amazing. Thank you.


New Devotee – January 2014

Dear Mistress Natalie,

I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for our session today. It was simply amazing. You are quite lovely and you have such a calm and powerful presence that truly inspired my submissive nature. It seemed as though you enjoyed playing with me, but of course you might also be a very good actress. I like to think that you really enjoyed enjoyed playing off of my submissive energy.

I would really love to see you again and see how our relationship may develop.

I wish you a safe, enjoyable and productive trip.

With much respect and admiration,

slave mxxxxx

A Double with Myself and Justine Cross is the Ultimate Fem-Domme Experience

I had been saving for a while in order to have a certain special session I’ve been dreaming about. Some people (like myself) have to hide my “side projects” and keep a low profile about Domme sessions. And so, when I booked my first session with Mistress Justine and Mistress Natalie at Dungeonwest I was naturally concerned whether or not I had made the right decision.

Being a fan of Sardax and his “Sartopian” image of beautiful women and their pathetic and doting male slaves, I had always wanted to try and experience that world somehow (if even for a short time). I made a call to Mistress Justine and she ‘lit up’ when I mentioned Sardax, asking me which were my favorites. Clearly she was a fan of his artwork as well, which was very exciting for me.

I requested a specialty session with her and Mistress Natalie. They do specialty “Lesbian Femdom” sessions and that just strikes at the heart of my kink, since I want to feel completely useless beneath their Female superiority.

My session was everything I hoped and more. A day or two before our meeting I received an email from Mistress Natalie giving me specific orders as to how I was to arrive, undress and kneel before them.. and the added thrill of being told I was not allowed to cum until (perhaps) they allowed me.. and that I was to tease myself every waking hour on the hour until we met. (There were a few difficult moments during the day, but I was excited to comply – and it kept me in the headspace wonderfully).

When I arrived I was told to kneel in front of a large black curtain while they did a few final touches inside the dungeon – and that my cock was to be ‘hard’ when they were ready for me. I’ll admit I was nervous and my mouth was dry, but DungeonWest has such a great vibe. It’s very large, and the entrance area has a large installation of pictures on the wall entitled “Modern Domme” with pictures of both Mistresses Justine and Natalie along with many other strikingly beautiful Dominatrices. The thought that I was on my knees waiting for a few of those gorgeous girls on the wall to have their way with me was absolutely exhilirating. I knew right there at that moment I had made the right choice.

And when they opened the black curtain and stood above me in their high heels and leather corsets, with light shining from behind them inside the dungeon, I felt that I had just seen a perfect vision of Angels from Hell. Two of those gorgeous women on the wall were here to dominate me!

They had clearly gone over my email in advance, and hit on all my major little “fantasy requests” such as watching them fix their makeup (and each others) while I knelt nearby.. and there was one unbelievably special moment while Mistress Natalie was closely fixing Mistress Justine’s lipgloss that they looked in each others eyes, smiled, and gently kissed. I just knelt there with my mouth agape at this beautiful vision.. and then caught a peak at myself in their mirror – and there I was in the Sardax fantasy of my dreams.

Without going into too much further detail about my very private session I will say that I was strung up by a winch in the ceiling and caned 41 times by each Mistress. (Ms Justine’s clever idea because that’s how long she was kept on hold that afternoon by Time Warner Cable, ha!). And then made to bend and be shackled inside some kind of medieval torture implement called “The Scavenger’s Daughter,” while receiving more canings on my thighs, butt, and shoulder blades. Then finally I was instructed to lay upon their torture table where I was firmly strapped down, teased to tears with a vibrator for about a half hour (of this two hour session), then forced to wait to cum while they counted backwards from 10. They had an evil look in their eyes, I knew something else was coming.

And it wasn’t ME!

I had timed myself perfectly, and at their count of ‘One’ I felt my body begin to shudder with a long awaited, and desperately needed orgasm. Mistress Justine gave one last bit of pressure on the vibrator which she held at the head of my tied up cock, then quickly REMOVED IT as I shuddered and struggled with the ankle and wrist restraints. I had just experienced my first (wonderfully terrible) ruined orgasm.

They laughed and laughed as I lay there spurting on myself while feeling absolutely NO satisfaction or relief. It was so wonderfully evil and so amazingly frustrating.. and truly defines the sublime pleasure of a submissive. Since you’re reading this, I’m sure you understand. While I did not get the relief my body was so desperate for… the memory of this perfect moment of pure wickedness beneath two stunningly beautiful women laughing at my pathetic struggling is going to fire my fantasies for years to come.

I will be back. And whether next time is “ruined” or not… either way it will be Perfect.

Thank you Mistress Justine and Mistress Natalie for this submissive’s life defining session. I jokingly whispered to myself “I can die now” when I drove away last night…

Slave Fred

A New DC Devotee

Dear Mistress Natalie,

I just got home and wanted to let you know that it was wonderful to meet you. You were the perfect combination of firm and pleasant and knew just how to manage me. I don’t just randomly give out compliments, but you were even taller, more statuesque, and lovely in person than on your site, and I already loved the pictures on your site. And if i were a sculptor, I would beg you to be my model for a foot sculpture; seriously. I hope you have a wonderful rest of the weekend.

slave M

Double with Mistress Justine Cross – June 2013

This evening I had an experience that I thought was only possible in the movies. Two beautiful women came to my home and rocked my world. After a pleasant chat by way of introduction, Mistress Justine asked me what I was into and told me a little about herself and what she enjoyed. During the brief conversation she had mentioned something I hadn’t even heard of before; Lesbian Cuckolding. It’s sort of obvious really, and I’m surprised I didn’t see more of it. She suggested since I wasn’t familiar with this dynamic, that we set something like this up.

Since I have a rather large downtown loft and plenty of gear of my own we decided they would come to see me. I took the afternoon to set things up for their arrival by setting up a cage, a torture table with manacles for arms and legs, mirrors all around, and champagne chilling in the refrigerator.

Upon arrival I buzzed them into the guest parking, sending a text message that my door was unlocked and to please come in and make themselves at home. I lowered the lights halfway, put on my collar, lit all the candles and got into the cage. I heard the door open and the wonderful sound of high heels clicking on the hardwood floors. My cage was out of their view at first but when they rounded the couch they could see me crouching inside on my knees. I saw the amused look on their smiling faces, knowing I had planned everything ahead.

They were in “character” the entire time and went about humiliating me and my helpless position. I saw the beautiful view of two pairs of gorgeous high heeled shoes standing above me and peered through the thin bars of the cage to see them dressed in very sexy black dresses that one might wear to a cocktail party, along with seamed stockings and their very high shoes. They both looked like they had just stepped off the pages of a magazine editorial for Vogue. Natalie, my other Mistress for the evening, opened the door of my cage and gestured for me to crawl out and kneel before them as they sat on a small couch. Mistress Justine presented a small tray that would attach to my collar and around my waist. Then, “objectified” me by using me as their cosmetics tray while they finished their makeup and took their hair down from being pinned up. I was made to hold very still, and watch as they deftly applied each others eyeshadow, lashes, and fixed each other’s hair. At one point Mistress Natalie hung a heavy cosmetics bag on my erect cock. The hook wasn’t long enough to go around, and so it’s tip dug harshly into my skin. It was quite painful and I grimaced as she smiled back at me with not a shred of pity. They went back to their coiffing, it was wonderful to get to watch these two women enjoying each other’s beauty. It was also wonderful to be completely ignored and “used” simply as piece of furniture by them both.

After a time I must have been distracted because a small eyeliner pencil had rolled off the edge of my tray and onto the floor. They both stared at me coldly, suddenly I could feel the mood of the room change. Justine was just finishing taking her hair down, and stood up from the chair, arched her back, smoothed her skirt, and looked down at me imperiously. She was an absolute vision of cold beauty.

Natalie was already removing the tray and putting away their makeup. Taking the hook out of my cock hurt as much as when it was first put in. There was a noticeable dent or hole, not bleeding, but very very painful. Luckily, it did not diminish my hard-on in any way, however. Dropping that bag was something that I hoped to avoid.

I knew it was time for my torture and I asked permission to kiss their feet and beg for mercy beforehand. They graciously allowed it and I kissed their shoes and begged out loud to please show me mercy, all the while they took the opportunity of my upturned ass to use paddles on me and make it red and stinging.

Then, Justine’s gentle voice changed sharply as she ordered me up on the table. I knew immediately to move quickly, she understood how to use the authority of her voice. It wasn’t long before I was helplessly attached by my wrists and ankles. They became sweet and tender again, like two cats toying with their prey. They explained that they had some new toys they needed to test, and I was going to be their guinea pig.

First was something called Sadistix. These were very thin black sticks, perhaps made of flexible nylon of varying lengths from about a three to six inches. They had elegantly bejeweled handles, definitely a feminine touch. It was such a turn on to know that these seemed to be specifically designed for an elegant and sadistic Torturess. Justine held one end then bent the other end back with her finger and flicked it sharply onto my thigh. Though these things didn’t look like much, they sure felt like much. The pain felt like tongues of fire on my skin. Both Justine and Natalie were attacking my thighs with their toys and laughing at me while I flexed and flinched from the pain. Justine moved up to my chest area, aiming for the nipples and again it felt like someone was using a cigarette light on me.

Because the two of them were working me over, there wasn’t really a chance to rest at all. If one stopped for a moment the other was sure to keep me jumping. I was falling deep into subspace now, feeling trapped and suffering at their whim. I felt my body relax down into the table just a bit, still feeling the pain but accepting it rather than fighting it, and focused on their faces and the obvious joy they took in making me hurt. There is nothing more beautiful to me… except… at one point during the torture, they paused and looked in each other’s eyes – I don’t remember who complimented who, but all of a sudden they were making out above me as I was strapped beneath them and waiting for more torment. This was no show for horny client, they were absolutely getting off on the torture and each other. My mind reeled with desperation and desire, all points were firing in my brain. Then they looked back down at me and went right back to the hurting.

The brief rest helped just a bit but my skin was so tender that when they started again it seemed to hurt even more. They must have thought that my rest was enough, because they did not relent this second time. This was not just a reminder, I was only halfway though.

After trying each of the different lengths of Sadistix and judging their severity, they finished by making sure that both sides were marked evenly. Natalie’s side of my body had slightly less marks and so I had to undergo some more punishment to make them happy. I knew they were playing with me when she went too far on purpose; meaning that Justine then had to make her side even. My muscles were weak and I was shaking all over, and drenched with sweat.

Next, Justine explained that she had some electrical equipment that she wanted to teach Natalie to use. Her gear was actually quite advanced, all top of the line. They each placed harsh metal alligator clamps on my nipples connected to a TENS unit. Natalie must have found a nerve because hers hurt so much that it was too much to take even without the electricity. I begged for her to move it. She stared at me impassively with only mild interest, with a look that told me that it was all about my pain and I better get used to it. I tried again to beg her to move it when all of a sudden I felt a tightness on both nipples that gave way to a feeling of sharp needles. Mistress Justine was already turning up the electricity, they had no intention of making the clamps “comfortable.” (what was I thinking?)

I looked over and saw her watching my reaction intently. There was a seriousness in her eyes, and her perfectly manicured fingers were turning one knob up slowly and steadily. I was already screaming nooooo and then she must have really jolted it because I screamed loudly and my body raised off the table as I arched in pain. It stopped quickly but then jolted just as harshly again. Now I was really scared. This was definitely torture and the simple turn of her finger was sending me to the depths. I heard Natalie say, “Oooh, look how he jumps” which encouraged Justine to send the punishing current through me again. I’d say she left it about two thirds of the most severe jolt but just left it there and watched me. I was begging for her to turn it off but to my astonishment she shook her head, put the control down, and checked her makeup and hair in the mirror while I laid there suffering and begging. I glanced over at Mistress Natalie for what I hoped would be some sort of help but she was just looking down at me with the warmest of smiles, her eyes in slits of evil joy.

After reapplying some lipgloss, Mistress Justine finally lowered the controller and asked Natalie if she would like to try it. Natalie preferred the sharp jolts to the steady pain, and I proceeded to jump and flex and yelp for a while as she had her fun at my expense.

Knowing how willing they were to take it just past my limits, I gulped when they brought out the electrical cock rings and the metallic loop for my balls to be connected to an Erostek. Justine placed them on me, quite harshly I should add. This only served to increase my fear. She explained them to Natalie, suggesting she use this one and that one because they were the “hurty” ones. It was so sexy to watch them look over the device as my eyes traced down the wires from it, and down to my helpless cock and balls. I was definitely a lab experiment at this point.

Then the slight vibration began, I was afraid and jumped.. not knowing how harsh it was going to get or how quickly. I was admonished, they decided that they would have to double my torture for being such a coward. Lucky me.

I first felt the pain around my balls which felt like a clamp tightening around them, quickly after I felt a serious pain inside the head of my cock. The pain spread and increased until the entire area was on fire with electrical current. It was coming in steady waves and I dreaded the crest of each. Justine was showing Natalie how to increase the wave frequency and when they turned it up the waves became fast vibrations and that’s when the screaming started again. They were laughing and smiling at the new reactions. Justine walked over to me and leaned over my face, explaining that since they didn’t have cocks or balls, they would have to experiment on me to know exactly what the torturous instruments were capable of. Justine has an incredibly sexy voice, and she leaned down and spoke huskily in my ear – asking how it felt to be at the mercy of two beautiful, dominant, sadistic women. The entire time I saw Natalie’s eyes looking over the box she was holding, playing with knobs and watching my pain and their utter conquest and ownership of me.

Justine asked me if I understood what it meant to be owned by a woman. She asked if I believed in the dominance of the female. She asked if I understood my place beneath them. I tried as best I could to answer each and every question in a way that would be acceptable as Natalie continued the electrical torture. They were breaking me. My desire forced me to beg to be taken and owned by them, and they surely accomplished this through both their feminine charms and their sadistic natures.

Justine took control of the box again and I knew what was coming. I shook my head and said, “Oh no, please,” but she just smiled and said, “Oh YES,” as she ramped up the “hurty” knob to what must have been full power. I screamed loudly again, and was very conscious of my voice echoing in the room. I have thick walls but this was probably too loud for even those. Justine must have read my mind because she gave the box back to Natalie and said, “Give it to him,” while she held her hand over my mouth and muffled my screaming. They were both laughing as I struggled and tried to yell. Justine is actually quite strong for her thin frame and held me tightly. I was lost, it was too much. Then it stopped. They always seemed to know how to go just a touch over the line then pull back. This is SO rare.. I’ve had so many sessions where I was either wondering when or if the Mistress was going to get serious, or others where I had to “mercy out” simply because I could tell that damage was going to occur from the naievete of the Domme.

Although the Erostek was switched off and the electrodes removed from my cock and balls, they weren’t done with the hurting. Those wicked little Sadistix came back out and they renewed all the pain in my thighs, chest, and nipples as they both happily snapped them down on me again. Either I was weakened from the other treatment or they were using them more forcefully because it was just as bad as the electrical though different. They had obviously studied methods of Torture and were layering different treatments in order to fire fresh nerve endings in my brain and body. Once again I pleaded for them to stop but they simply laughed and continued without any regard to the suffering they were causing. Their smiles were sincere, they truly enjoyed this.

Finally the treatment slowed a bit, Mistress Justine loosened one manacled hand just a bit to allow me to make myself harder for them – which was quite easy with their gorgeous faces looking down on me and the sense of absolute authority they had created by teaching me how helpless I really was. Then while I was quite erect once again they discussed whether or not I had had enough, and leaned into each other and began kissing again. Justine said she thought it was time for them to have their own fun and Natalie agreed. They unlocked my arms and legs and I was ordered to quickly get on the floor and back into my cage. Once inside they locked it and ordered me to tease myself but not to cum. They removed their high heels and placed them on the top of the cage for me to stare at. Natalie made me put a doggie toy in my mouth and keep it there and they both got a good laugh out of it. Then they forgot about me and got on the couch and out of my view. I heard them giggling, kissing, and the sound of one or two vibrators. I’m not sure what else specifically went on because I couldn’t see them, but they got each other off on the couch while I laid in the cage with my rock hard cock, rendered useless and ignored. My torture was their foreplay, and now I was to be denied – a cuckold of two dominant lesbians who used me simply for sadistic entertainment.

I remained on the edge the entire time as directed. Eventually two heads appeared above the couch, and peered down into my cage. Their laughter was renewed as they saw me, still with the dog toy in my mouth and still fully and desperately erect. Then they rose arm in arm from the couch and moved to a smaller love seat in front of my cage where I was interrogated as to how desperate I was on a scale of 1 to 10. I answered 10 but that was apparently not good enough and I was directed to continue to tease myself. They put their shoes back on and crossed their perfect legs, still sitting and watching me with mild amusement. I was asked again and this time I answered “11.” Luckily that was more acceptable and they directed me to cum on command as they counted down from 10 to 1. I was not to come a second before or after, or I would be put back up on the table.

I listed to them count and tried to catch the rhythm of the numbers and they descended, allowing my body to finally go past the point of no return at about number 2, hoping that they stayed with that cadence. I was lucky that they didn’t hold at 1 as I timed it perfectly.. and as they both gave permission my body rose up and I exploded with a long shuddering orgasm that made me cry out.

They laughed at me as I came. I caught a glimpse of them both just as my eyes turned to slits. I was a slab of obedient meat, jacking off in a cage by their command. The humiliation sent me over the edge. I was owned and broken by these two model gorgeous woman. Nothing again could ever come close to this experience for me. Their triumph over me was secure.

Set Apart from the Rest – March 2013

“I recently had the honor to session with Mistress Natalie West. The pure skill, creativity, and presence that she embodies set her apart from any other Mistress I have had the opportunity to know. Any experienced Mistress can simply smack you with a crop or restrain you, a good Mistress understands how to do so while reading your reactions and adjusting to your limits and interests, a truly masterful Mistress posses the grace and subtlety to weave all of this into a session that feels and flows so natural that a submissive can truly let themselves give in to the experience. Mistress Natalie West is a rare masterful Mistress.

From the point of first contact Mistress Natalie’s professionalism and enthusiasm set the tone. Upon entering the dungeon, I was greeted by her exceptional beauty and a dungeon that was both clean and spacious. The dungeon was filled with such a comprehensive selection of furniture and implements that I was immediately overcome by both anxiety and excitement. Without getting into the details of my session, Mistress Natalie was able to ascertain both my needs and wants so completely that I was astounded. Her insight matched with her skills allowed for a session that I could not have ever hoped was possible, much less so perfectly executed on a first time meeting.

It is clear that Mistress Natalie West posses the intelligence, creativity, and enthusiasm that sets apart a real professional Dominatrix from the rest. Her demeanor and professionalism make trusting and submitting to her effortless. She will not only provide what you are seeking, but do so in a way that you will not soon forget. If you are truly seeking a transcendent BDSM experience, then Mistress Natalie West is the Dominatrix to see.

-sub conrad”

“Electric Double” – February 2013

I arrived at the dungeon not knowing what to expect. Mistress Natalie and Mistress Justine were busy changing into their most alluring latex togs. They looked so hot in complimentary hot pink dresses. Tight and revealing – guaranteed to create an immense reaction. I was quickly tied to the torture bed and my legs and arms secured. A 2″ ball stretcher was applied and a dividing strap separated my balls. A ‘D’ ring was there for I wondered what? Quickly electrodes were placed on my balls and the head of my cock. Another was roughly shoved into my rear end! The ErosTek box was attached to the electrodes and cranked up until my pleadings began. There was no mercy and Mistress Natalie paddled me while Mistress Justine dialed in the electricity to the unbearable limit! Then Mistress Natalie added weights to the ‘D’ ring and my balls began to stretch to their limits. Slowly between the paddling the weight grew in 1/2 lb. increments. Soon it reached 10 lbs. and the balls stretched to 4 inches. The electric shocks on the cock and balls were unbelievable. I screamed for mercy. Justine shocked and Natalie administered her corporal punishment. I felt like an errant schoolboy and then she raked my tortured buttocks with here razor sharp nails.I was in slave heaven! Mercy was not forthcoming…………I had failed to secure a safe word. Poor me! The session was kept to the maximum limit that I could endure. So sublime and so satisfying. The combination of these two most formidable women was totally intoxicating. This was the second time that I was fortunate enough to have both of there exquisite Dommes together. There are few times in life when this can happen and I hope to be lucky enough to have this happen again!

The Real Deal

Hello, my name is charlie. i have been in the scene off and on most of my life. I have been to dozens of Mistresses over the years. Recently I was lucky enough to have enjoyed a wonderful session with the very attractive and beautiful Mistress Natalie West. Believe me when I tell you she is the real deal. What do I mean by the real deal?

First let me start by saying from the initial contact, subsequent emails and arranging the first appointment, that she is by far the classiest and fun Domme that I have ever met. The icing on the cake is that in person she is an ultra beautiful and sexy female. Her face, smile, hair, body, legs and feet are perfect in every way.

Second, she is very professional in both her business side of being a Mistress, and also during the actual session. If you treat her with respect, she will be equally giving you her complete attention. If you are experienced or are a beginner, she has the experience to understand what your concerns and interest are and immediately puts you at ease. She is charming and comfortable being around.

Third, her play space is very nice, very clean, and well equipped with everything bdsm that you may desire. It is very private, safe and secure. Relax, you will be comforted to know that your time with her will be more than satisfying. There is even a nice shower and fresh towels for after your session.

Fourth, she focuses in on what your needs and wants are. You will receive what you are seeking. You can better your experience with Mistress Natalie by open communication. The more you tell her about you the better your session can be tailored.

Without going into too much detail, my session included: spanking, paddles, crop, various creative rope bondage, inescapable bondage, gags, teasing, face slapping, hair pulling, toilet, and my favorite of all anal play. She knew exactly how much of what to do and when. She is instinctively a true Mistress. Mistress Natalie has a fun personality and enjoys being entertained and entertaining. If you have a joke or something witty to say then do so!

Most Mistresses are working out of their apartments, or are escorts looking for additional clients. Mistress Natalie is a real Dominatrix with a real dungeon. Donations are similar in range to other so called Dommes. You might as well go to the best who offers the most.

In closing, over time memories fade. But I will always remember her politeness, professionalism, and of course she has a face and smile, and ultra sexy body and legs to die for. This is one Domme you just have to see!

– charlie

Double-Domme Experience

This double domme session with Mistress Justine and Mistress Natalie was easily one of the most intense experiences of my life.

I have been seeing Mistress Justine regularly for over six months, but this was my first session with Mistress Natalie. I don’t know why I waited so long for a double session!

Our session included lots of impact play (I’m a hard-core pain slut) with a wooden paddle, canes, and floggers. Also, lots of CBT and NT. I have experienced more pain in individual sessions with Mistress Justine, but the sum total of torture being given by two Mistresses at the same time is what made this so incredibly intense. Being beaten on my ass from behind at the same time my nipples were being tortured from the front, or many variations of torture from two directions, made my head swim. I quickly learned that Mistress Natalie is an expert in delivering pain. She gave my thighs, cock and balls, a very hard and wonderful beating! And, of course, Mistress Justine’s sensual/sadistic skills are amazing.

Here are some highlights.

Predicament Bondage: I have never experienced this before. I was placed on my knees, ankles spread and tied, arms cuffed to a spreader bar and suspension winch, and my cock and balls bound with rope and tied behind me. It was from this position that most of the torture took place. And I was in heaven. At one point, each Mistress, in turn, teased me by bending over in front of me, just out of reach, so that if I wanted to kiss her ass, I had to lean forward and strangle my balls. Which I did! As I was begging to kiss her ass, each Mistress taunted me and laughed as I begged and moaned from the pain in my balls. They took turns teasing me, while the other would raise and lower the suspension winch, making it harder for me to strain and reach. Then both Mistresses leaned in front of me and teased the shit out of me with their perfect asses as I strained to kiss them. And moaning from the pain in my balls.

At various times during our session, the suspension winch was raised so that my body was tightly stretched, which added to the overall torture. But both Mistresses are concerned about safety, so they kept checking my hands to make sure circulation was OK. I really appreciate that.

Lesbian Cuckholding: Also a new experience for me. A couple of times during our session, Mistress Justine and Mistress Natalie took a break from torturing me to enjoy each other while standing directly in front of me, while I was painfully bound and helpless. What a mind fuck! I really, really wanted to join in, but, of course, was not allowed.

Stiletto Heel Torture: I really enjoy both Mistresses’ feet and shoes, so it was a great treat when they dug their sharp heels into my thighs and chest, giving me delightful marks.

Dungeon West: Where both Mistresses hold sessions, is the finest, sexiest, most sinister dungeon in Los Angeles! I cannot say enough good things about this play space.

Both Mistress Justine and Mistress Natalie are the absolute best. With their perfect bodies, great intelligence, and amazing creativity, they offer the best BDSM experiences I have ever had! I am already looking forward to our next double session! I truly feel like the luckiest sub in the world to know these two amazing ladies!

Thanks for reading,


Sub_JB_91711 on FetLife