New Review: The Well-Meaning Novice – July 2017

Dear Mistress Natalie,

I apologize for long email, and for wasting Your time.

This is S, the pathetic desperate slave, whom You kindly allowed to worship You today. I cannot put it into words how thankful and appreciative I am for what You did to me. You totally took me to another world, and left me there, and I am still there just needing more and more of that. As strange as it might sound, and apart from me being super anxious and nervous, I don’t believe that I should ever get sexually satisfied when serving You. I am genuinely merely there, for Your absolute pleasure, and I hope I can at least bring a little smile to Your heavenly beautiful face. You just taught me what it means to serve my Goddess, and I hope as a first-timer I wasn’t a total turnoff. I am looking forward to serve You on a regular basis if You would allow me to. I will never be even thinking to try any other Mistresses. You are the Mistress of all Mistresses for me, and I am sure for everybody who has been lucky enough to serve You.

I apologize again for I didn’t even think I’d be begging for You to corporally torture me. But honestly, as soon as I saw You, I realized You are way beyond what I could imagine, and that I thought I’d love to be crushed and humiliated by Mistress Natalie.

In the end, I was wondering if You would allow me to get you a gift. I am totally sorry and apologetic for my short budget. But I am honestly going to just save as much money as I can, so I can afford You and whatever You want me to prove my loyalty and my servitude. I am very desperate to be accepted as Your real slave.

I am not sure if You received my texts. It’s just weird. I didn’t receive anything from You, but I am not sure if it is again my reception out of service or You just didn’t give a damn about me. I hope the second is true. But I will drive to LA again, whenever You want me to serve You.

Your stupid slave,