I adore dreaming up kinky role play scenarios that are out of the ordinary, and often out of the dungeon. While an hourly session with Me is never “typical,” here are a list of scenes that appeal to Me. Be the lucky sub to choose one of them, becoming the submissive who makes MY fantasies come true.

Dr. Mistress

300 for studio time

I love hearing all of your dirty little secrets. And who gets to hear dirty secrets more than your Dominant sex therapist? I want to walk into the room clad in my finest business attire, Cuban-heeled stockings, gorgeous stilettos. You are lying naked on My couch, eager to confess all the fucked up stories that landed you here, ready to be “cured” by My dangerous methods. I want to hear how you became such a pervert: what you think about when you jerk off, how it makes you feel inside, how embarrassed you would be if your friends found out what you do. An hour session with Dr. West will have you feeling much better.

Work it Out

100 per week – distance or in LA

I want to whip you into shape, whether you’re here in LA or out there in the wild. I am healthy and strong – the definition of fit. Don’t you want to strive to be better for Me? You will begin a workout regimen in My honor, and will send me weekly reports and photos so that I can monitor your progress. Encouragements and punishments pending in our correspondence. Change your life for Me.

slave Games

600 for studio time

I am a competitive bitch. I love being the best, and I expect my slaves to strive for greatness as well. I want to set up a contest between you, mr. wannabe the best, and a slave contender or two. You will undergo a series of tests, including cock-sucking, jerk off contests, a beauty pageant, and anything else that might please Me, in order to compete for the title of #1 slave for the day. My competition slave is a thoroughbred, so you better bring your A game.

Girl’s Day Out

300 for studio time, in addition to shopping trip

Everyone knows that I love My sissies the best. You and I will make a little trip to Melrose Ave. and have some girl time shopping at Agent Provocateur. After you’ve purchased enough stockings for Me (and of course at least one pair for you) to have Me dripping down My thighs, we will continue our girl time at Dungeon West, dressing you up and feeling our legs rub together under our gorgeous new stockings. Mine are silk – don’t you want to touch them?

The Double Standard

1,000 for the afternoon

You will rent a hotel room at the Standard Hotel, DTLA. My girlfriend and I will spend the day poolside, sipping drinks, enjoying one another, on your tab. You are our pool boy. You will obey us and purchase anything we need. You will keep us covered in sunscreen and keep our feet rubbed, while all other males in the vicinity wish that they were you: our slave. Every time we get the whim to torment you in a more intimate manner, we order you to the room. We follow, keeping you in torture mode all afternoon. If you’re lucky, we will let your cock deflate before sending you back down to the pool where everyone can see your state of slavery. This will be an exquisite afternoon of torture, getting Justine and I very worked up. Perhaps we will end with dinner for the three of us. Or maybe we will just leave you chained in the room while we take your credit card out for a night on the town! You’ll just have to play your hand and test your luck.

Indecent Proposal

300 for time, in addition to shopping trip

You take Me to Tiffany’s where you propose and I refuse you. It’s the ultimate act of humiliation. I will make you buy me something to ease My discomfort in front of the retail clerks. You are going to have to pay for asking Me in front of these perfect strangers. After you’ve satisfied My jewelry craving, you’ll follow Me back to the dungeon where you will keep satisfying My thirst for torture. Marry you? You have got to be fucking kidding.

How Big?

300 for time, in addition to shopping trip

You and I will take a little trip to My favorite sex toy shop in LA: the Pleasure Chest, just a few moments from my playspace. I will fill up My basket with all the things I’ll need to put you in your place: nice big cocks, restraints, lube, corporal implements. You, meanwhile, will be subject to My public humiliation as I announce to the clerks that you’re not getting a big enough plug, that I know how slutty you are, forcing you to buy the biggest training toys I can find. I bask in your crimson, embarrassed glow, as well as the receipt showing just how much you want to please Me.

I am also a lover of fine dining. If you would like an extended “dungeon dinner date” for a special evening in LA, I adore the following restaurants and love to try new ones as well:
Sushi Zo
Church and State
Sushi Tsujita
Baco Mercat
Orsa and Winston
Hungry Cat

I drop my hourly session rate down to 280 for an evening that includes a lovely meal and lovely wine (provided that you are also lovely company).