Couples Review – June 2016

My wife and I met in high school and have been happily married for nearly 20 years. We have had an eclectic sex life from mild to kinky in the bedroom. I broached the idea of having her dominate me with a pro domme. When my wife agreed I did my research and reviewed dozens of mistresses until I came across Mistress Natalie West’s site. In reviewing her profile I felt she would be a perfect match for what we wished to explore. After some correspondence back and forth I got on a call with Mistress Natalie to discuss our fantasy, what we’d like to explore and limits. In speaking with her, not only did I realize that she was the perfect fit for us, but she was also someone I felt comfortable with and could trust to share with my wife. My biggest fear was to finally do this and have such a terrible experience that it would turn my wife off completely…but…

Mistress Natalie was intelligent, eloquent and sensitive to what I was trying to convey, even though I probably could have done a better job. Mistress Natalie requested for me to set up a call directly with my wife so they could get to know each other and explore her desires and limits first hand. We scheduled a 2 hours session for a couple of weeks after that call. On our way to Dungeon West, my wife was bit nervous. Mistress Natalie greeted us in a leather corset and tight black pants. She looked more stunning than on her website. Immediately all the apprehension went away and everything felt natural and familiar. They both sat and had a glass of wine to discuss the session as I was sent off to get ready. What ensued was the most amazing two hours of my life. Mistress Natalie took control of the session and my wife had an amazing time. She was smiling and laughing through out. Mistress Natalie introduced her to new toys and techniques and we explored several new fetishes.

The effects of our session have lasted far beyond the two hours we spent together. They have enhanced our sex life and made us more comfortable to discuss our inner most sexual secrets and desires without any apprehension or shame. We have not only expanded our horizons in our own private play at home, we have also had several other sessions with Mistress Natalie which involved fantasies we would not otherwise been able to fulfilled. She has become a part of our intimate life that is always helping us test and expand our limits. And now after 20 years of marriage we are enjoying the best sex life, in large part thanks to Mistress Natalie West