A beautiful ‘thank you’ – February 2015

Dear Mistress Natalie,

Now that my subspace haze has lifted, i just wanted to thank You one last time for the introductory session.

Aside from my submission to my Wife, i honestly felt truest in my submission with You — the ONLY things in play were my pain and Your pleasure and it was an honor to suffer for You (though i do appreciate You taking it easy on me first-time out, the beautiful bruises on my cock not-withstanding 😉

i had hoped to find a Domme to serve/session with regularly and i hope You will allow me to continue in that capacity with You.

Lastly – Your fingers should be molded and sold at the Stockroom because i think i would rather have the clovers on my nipples than them 😉

Be well and know that i long/fear to submit to You again.