“an expert, a pervert, a sadist, a seductress”: New Review October 2015

Mistress Natalie,
This reply is overdue, perhaps, but I am glad to have let some time go by since we met. As the number of sessions I have experienced inevitably blurs as the years go by, it’s interesting to see which ones fade with time, and which ones continue to glow. I want to make sure you know that yours certainly glows. The way you arranged and carried out our session was one of the finest BDSM experiences I have ever had, and I have had, probably, more than my fair share.
As I believe I mentioned in my introduction, it has become increasingly difficult for me in session with pro dommes to find the balance between feeling genuinely dominated and temporarily powerless, while still knowing I will experience the toys, tools and sensations that drove me there in the first place. It is a terrible, empty feeling to submit to a pro domme, as completely and earnestly as possible, only to feel (due to the nature of the provider-client relationship) like she is serving you.
You seemed to easily find the place between. Even though I knew I could count on experiencing many of the things I need (bondage, gags, suffering), you managed to create a mood and tension that kept me on edge and out of sorts from the moment I arrived – and that powerlessness and uncertainty is what’s so elusive in so many “typical” sessions. From the moment you hooded me at the door, I knew you had put real thought and planning into how I would experience your control, and I loved feeling so victimized, so quickly.
Also, I am aware that it might be difficult to maintain momentum when there is no “dialogue” with a gagged sub. I appreciate your ability to speak even when I couldn’t really reply. I have never been good at call-and-response (probably part of why I crave gags, now that I think about it) and yet I know many dommes feed off of that energy. Thank you for being willing to have such a long, one-sided conversation.
If I had a regret, it would be that I didn’t continue for the whole night. Stopping when I did was the right decision because while I am reasonably sure I could have endured what else you had planned, I would have been in bad shape the following day. I am glad I sensed that enough was enough. At one point early on you had said that there wouldn’t be a single moment all night that I was free, and I really loved the sound of that.
I liked how you insisted that I suffer, and when it got challenging, you didn’t relent one bit, but rather, you guided me thorough it like the expert sadist you are. I liked that you honored my general requests, without “following a script” and I liked the sense that you felt both appreciation and contempt for my eagerness to submit.
While I do not get to Los Angeles as often as I used to, I would very much like to see you again the next time I pass through. I’m not sure what is useful to you in terms of a formal review, so let me say just this:
“Mistress Natalie West is one of the finest and most exquisite dominas you will ever encounter. She is, first and foremost, a completely capable and respectful professional. Just beyond that, she is an expert, a pervert, a sadist, a seductress. She is smart, witty, intense, severe, and sensationally dedicated to her craft. If you are in search of a deep and serious pro domme experience that will leave you dazed, delighted and, just maybe, a little bit changed forever, do not hesitate, and do not overthink it. Contact Mistress Natalie and tell her what’s on your mind. She will take it from there.” – M.C.