Feature in Time Out Guide “Best Dommes in LA”

I was recently featured in Time Out Guide’s “The Best Dominatrix Professionals in LA.” Read it here.

Below, you can find an extended version of my interview with Time Out, because you know you can never get enough.


Mistress Natalie West

Age: 30

How long have you been a Pro-Domme?

Five years

How did you get into the industry?

I was a lifestyle BDSM player when I met Mistress Justine Cross. However, I only played with women. Being the smart lady she is, Justine said, “You’re a great Domme. You should do this professionally. Take boys’ money.” She was right. I started seeing clients professionally and I never looked back.

What is your specialty as a dominatrix?

I have a creative, perverted imagination, so setting up intricate role play scenarios is a specialty of mine. As a lesbian dominatrix, I also specialize in cross-dressing and feminization, because I love transforming male clients into the superior gender. Lesbian cuckolding with Justine is also definitely a one-of-a-kind experience.

Do you have a favorite device/toy/machine/etc? And why is it your favorite?

I love strict bondage, so sleep sacks (leather or latex) are a lot of fun for me. I like having a submissive immobilized and entirely vulnerable to my teasing and torment.

What is your favorite safe word?

I like “Cacao!” personally (it’s a Portlandia joke!), but I typically use “Mercy” in sessions.

Who are your typical clients?

There is no typical client. I see couples, women, CEOs, Uber drivers, married guys, virgins. There’s the client who saves up for six months to have a session that means the world to him and the client who just needs a thrill on his lunch break. It runs the gamut.

Who are your most unusual clients?

It is, unfortunately, more unusual to see women than men. This is changing, and women are becoming more empowered to call upon sex workers to explore their fantasies. I had an interesting experience wherein a straight woman booked a session with me because she wanted to be dominated but felt safer with a woman than a male dominant, either hired or found online. I think that’s smart and savvy, and we had an amazing scene. Seeing a Dominatrix isn’t necessarily about sex or sexual identity: it’s about submission, or masochism, or catharsis, and I love being able to take women to those places as well as men.

Are you friends with any of your clients?

Yes, a couple of them. If you see me regularly and never expect that I’m going to do my work for free, we can eventually strike up a friendly relationship. But only if we have interests in common. I’m never going to befriend my conservative Republican clients, but I’ll have a great time beating them!

What is your personal fetish?

Smart women, leather, and rope.

What is a turn-off for you?

An inability to communicate one’s desires.

Do you find sexual pleasure in the role of dominatrix?

Yes. One of my greatest pleasures is taking money from boys and giving it to girls. I love going to Jumbo’s Clown Room after a session – that’s my delayed sexual pleasure! Although my sessions do not involve “sex” as it’s typically imagined, I get a great deal of pleasure from the expression of sadism, and from taking a slave to new depths of submission.

What’s the best or most extravagant gift you’ve received from a sub?

I had a great run with a financial submissive who loved paying my parking tickets, which is a godsend in LA. Sometimes I would intentionally get tickets just to make his day better. I recently got the hottest pair of leather pants that have been making me a very happy Dominatrix. The best gifts are the gifts that keep on giving… meaning the slave who keeps buying them on a regular basis!

Any etiquette tips for new clients?

Respect a sex worker’s time. If you book an appointment, you keep it or you pay for her time regardless, just like you would if you booked with a therapist or high end hair stylist. Treat your Dominatrix like a person, who also has a social life, responsibilities and obligations.

What is the most memorable or outrageous request from a client?

A bunch of Dommes in town will recognize this one (he’s literally a point of conversation amongst some of my Domme friends), but this guy I call “Towlie.” He likes to be wrapped in bath towels, around his head and body, with a towel shoved in his mouth as a gag. Then he requests to be bound to a vibrator and left tied up in that manner, convulsing under his towels. That’s definitely a “memorable” request because it’s so out of the ordinary, but I always say, “Don’t yuck someone else’s yum.” I’m happy that towels make him so excited.

What question do you get asked more than anything else?

If you’re a lesbian, how can you play with men?

I’m a female supremacist, and I practice that in all aspects of my life, inside and outside the dungeon. That doesn’t mean I don’t have male friends I like a respect, and that doesn’t mean I don’t have male submissives whose service I enjoy. In fact, I believe that being a lesbian makes me a great Dominatrix because I share a deep understanding, appreciation, and respect for the female body and intellect with my male subs.